As the Crow Flies

by Jordan Martyr

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Minor threats without consequence
Justice plummets under loose definition
Overlords sleep like boards under a forged partition
Some call it superstition.
Some bleed on the media screen
Others just watch through stoned eyes
Do you wear your jeans loose like you define?
Some prefer to keep it tight
We amputate their heads tonight
Don’t buy the media hype
Meanwhile in some shit pile the heads on spikes resemble streetlights
And when the vapors fly, I might not be standing by
Nonetheless it brings a tear to my eye
End times in sight but in the third world, end times is nigh
You can die in the blink of an eye
We ain’t so far apart, you and I, as the crow flies
In a world of no lies under blue skies
In my sleep, that world is realized
Telepathically, we read minds

Tonight we stand and we unite
No longer will we stand idly by

On the verge of a new era
Fighting helplessly against the changing current
Both sides formulating a deterrent
Under the right circumstances, life will flourish
But not all life feels the need to nourish or be nourished
We would like to thank you for your service
Step up to the plate and don’t be nervous
You've done your best and you deserve it
Say hello to the wrong end of a turret
Honor is a goner in a blaze of blue ribbons
This just in, the jury has made its decision
The king will now shower us in his derision
I nominate myself to be voted off the island
I say we set fires to the currency and burn all the old misers in their high rise sub-dividers
I care not for the cash prizes and enticers


released August 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Jordan Martyr Tacoma, Washington

I am super-charged with pain for your enjoyment.

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